Small Groups are the primary way you are known and cared for at Bangna Christian Fellowship. What are small groups?

  • Care groups, outreach groups, study groups;
  • Preferably not more than 10 people (except outreach groups);
  • Meet in homes, offices, or restaurants throughout Bangkok;
  • Led by lay leaders from BCF who receive oversight and support from church leadership;
  • Meet one to four times a month for fellowship, prayer, Bible study;
  • Some also participate in service projects or social events in place of a regular meeting

An Open Letter to You: The Bible, a truly inspired book, but it is so much more than just a book.  GOD says it is his LIVING WORD.  The Bible was written by 40 authors in multiple languages each with a unique style and was done over a period of 1500 years… yet it tells the story of mankind in one seamless thread that runs through the entire Bible.  Here at BCF we have embarked on a journey of exploration, wending our way through the bible and discovering the 12 stages or eras of time that the bible presents for your consideration. We have created a special set of phrases designed to help you remember the 12 stages broken into 4 parts. First Phrase: Can People Ever Cooperate Second Phrase: Just U Carry on Cooperating Third Phrase: Rejoice God Enables Everyone